What is Etreso Biografías?

Etreso Biografías is a literary project designed by Alejandro García Maldonado to elaborate biographies in Spanish, English and Italian for any person interested in having his/her life written in a book.

Alejandro García Maldonado was born in Málaga in 1988. He has a Bachelor Degree in Law by the University of Málaga and he studied piano in Conservatorio Profesional Manuel Carra (Málaga) and Conservatorio Superiore Giusseppe Tartini (Trieste). In addition, he loves to write in his free time.

In the biographical area, he has done an Online Course of Biographic Project offered by the University Bernard Lievegoed of Zeist (Holland) between 2014 and 2016.

In the journalistic area, he has collaborated with diverse digital newspapers as El Confidencial, Claridad Digital, El Turbión, El Importuno and Cubainformación. Nowadays, he has a column of opinion in La Réplica called “El rincón del necio”, which is about the actual politic and social situation in Latin America.

In the literary area, he has written two sociopolitic essays: “Blind witnesses” (with International Mention in the IX International Competition of Counter Thinking of Cubaliteraria, organized by the Ministery of Culture of the Republic of Cuba, 2011), and “Transcription of the Communist Manifest”. He has written as well a philosophic novel called ‘The shelter of the red linden’ (in edition) and the biography ‘Between two souls: life of Livio Cociani and María Bissacco’. Nowadays, he’s writing a book of short stories (‘Song of lilies‘) and a historic novel (‘The Fryderik’s orphaned‘).

‘Between two souls: life of Livio Cociani and María Bissacco’ is the first biography of Etreso Biografías, a biography of two persons that got married fifty years ago.

Every life has a different way to be written, different episodes and a diverse quantity of documentation and photographies, which depends of every person and what wishes that person to show.

Anyways, to give an idea about what is this, and thanks to the courtesy of Maria Bissacco and Livio Cociani, we can show in PDF their stories, which ones were used by Alejandro Garcia Maldonado as a Final Project when he concluded their biographic studies. (Press here to download it automatically. Only avalaible in Spanish).