Why a book about your life?

Baltasar Gracián y Morales said “there are a lot of things to learn, and life is short, and if you don’t live, you don’t learn”. We find in this quote one of the biggest reasons because of why is so important the world of the biographies.

Somehow, finding out the memories of our elders is a way to advance our birthdate, because you can feel how was the life in the past when they evoke to you their experiences.

That’s why this is an unique chance for everyone to narrate your life and immortalize it in a book, being able to arrive to future generations.

Normally, the biographic parnassus has been always very airtight, because they were only writing about famous people. Unfortunately, this conception about which lifes were interesting to recount has been an enormous mistake. In fact, it’s impossible to count how many best sellers of the universal literature were created because of writers found the inspiration in such interesting people as unknown.

In addition, the soldest biographies are often about historic people that you already know some things. However, there are millions of anonymous lifes that they deserve to be impregnated in a book.

Leaving a proof that you were in this world is something that human beings have tried always to reach in thousand ways.

Etreso Biografias can be one of them.

A big present for life.

Header photo: “Roofs of Paris”, by Marisa Jiménez Almodóvar